Echoes of the Etheremos

Book Cover for Non-Executive Emotions Only three archaeological sites in which evidence of the Etheremos had been found were known at the beginning of 2296. What information had been gleaned from those excavations required less than one second to assimilate into my nanofilament brain but was sufficient to convince me that whoever the Etheremos had been they possessed knowledge and technology which was centuries ahead of the Terran Commonwealth.

If I had had executive emotions the eradication several thousand years ago of the Etheremos despite their advanced science would have been rather perturbing but this did not lessen the imperative to discover more about this lost race.

The Agincourt’s routine patrol schedule, an ideal assignment for me during the first days of my commission, brought us to Callort Four shortly after the team of exoarchaeologists discovered a fourth Etheremos site on the unclaimed world of Jamrad Three. Orders for us to proceed at best speed to Jamrad Three were inevitable when contact was lost with the team but the events which awaited us and the company of the abrasive exoarchaeologist Boris Kirilov were far less predictable.

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