The Agincourt

The Agincourt is one of only five orca class warships in existence. Despite their small size (each orca is only 100m in length), the ships are very heavily armed and are unique in Cosfor in being protected by a solid trinurium armoured hull.

Orcas are the fastest vessels in Cosfor, being able to reach a top speed of 2100c and are endowed with unparalleled manoeuvrability.

In common with the three heavy classes of Cosfor warships, orcas are armed with coherent energy projectors (CEP), plasma cannons, fusion missiles and antimatter torpedoes. The small size of an orca permits it to carry only ten AM torpedoes but this paucity is compensated by the existence of the pulse cannon.

The pulse cannon is a repeat-use weapon that far exceeds the power of even CEPs or plasma cannons found on fightercarriers. This power requires a recharge time between shots but the ability of the pulse cannon to collapse the shields of an enemy ship or to blast through any hull helps to overcome this limitation.

In addition to the pulse cannon orcas also possess a unique defensive and stealth weapon in the form of a cloak. The cloak remains vulnerable to penetration by t-space distortion sensors and gravitic disturbance sensors but is impenetrable by other means of detection and offers excellent stealth against lighter warships, as well as limiting the tracking capabilities of heavier craft.

Operating with such a high power to size ratio curtails the crew an orca can accommodate. The ships are intended to be run with a crew of just six, although can carry twenty if necessary. Automated repair drones known as SCLARDs carry out many routine maintenance tasks and are adept at repairing damage sustained in combat.

The six crew posts on an orca are as follows.

  • Captain
  • First Officer
  • Engineer
  • Science Officer
  • Medical Officer
  • Pilot

Personnel who constitute the crews of orcas require diverse skills and experience across most of the Cosfor divisions.