Non-Executive Emotions

Book Cover for Non-Executive Emotions There had been other androids before me but I was the first to be able to live among humans, to understand them and to be able to be part of their society. In common with other androids I had no feelings of my own but unlike my fellow artificially sentient beings I could at least comprehend the emotions of the humans around me.

So it was no surprise to me that human interstellar society remained riven by greed, hate and conflict, that there were good and bad and that these problems were replicated by the other space-faring species.

What was unexpected was that I would be drawn into the fight against avarice and animosity, that I would become a soldier and that in the midst of the conflict I would learn how to love.

It was the threat of a second Zhekhlan Crisis that brought Stephanie Hunter into my world. The fight against the terrorism of the Terran Independent Alliance catalysed my transformation from doctor to soldier and challenged my emotions to evolve beyond non-executive.

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