Book Cover for Yeremand

The destruction of the second Temple of Artemis by the Terran Independent Alliance was to be met with a deadly response by Cosfor. However, ordered to execute a swift, surgical strike on the tropical world of Kylos Two the Agincourt is instead confronted with an abandoned installation.

Having survived the bombing of the second Temple to Artemis, Lieutenant Commander Stephanie Hunter’s total recall places her as the crucial witness who can expose the infiltration of the Commonwealth Government by TIA.

With TIA desperate to eliminate her, Stephanie must fight to stay alive and unravel the conspiracy.

Ordered into a retaliatory strike against a TIA base on Kylos Two, the crew of the Agincourt and I are dozens of light years away from rendering aid to our science officer and are instead confronted with our own jeopardy as we face a macabre version of the Marie Celeste mystery.

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