The Antipathy of Mirrors

Book Cover for The Antipathy of Mirrors History may debate whether Jeresina Yanard was a terrorist or a freedom fighter. For my crewmates and me, attending the coronation of the new Bariscan Emperor in the planet’s capital city of Tonn, she was the leader of a ruthless group who threatened to kill millions of civilians unless her demands for independence for her homeland of Inlorro were met.

Ordered by Cosfor to assist the Barsican government in thwarting Yanard’s scheme, Stephanie, Robert, Nick, Al and I found ourselves scattered across a city in chaos as we struggled to avert thermonuclear carnage.

It was a crisis in which the help of the Agincourt’s first officer, Andrea Morton, would have been invaluable but she was thrust into a deep cover assignment light years away on Garab Three.

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