Stephanie Hunter

Stephanie's personnel file
Born in Essex, England, Stephanie is the Agincourt's science officer but as a fully qualified medical doctor is also able to act as a second medical officer. At the time of meeting Del the recent death of George Zhukov, the previous medical officer, required Stephanie to discharge the duties of both posts.

Although often referred to as the 'girl-next-door', Stephanie's intellectual abilities are not so simply categorised. Her eidetic memory became apparent when she was three years old. Her IQ is typically cited as 222 but it is seldom appreciated that this score on the revised Binet scale is distinct and different from the value obtained using the less stringent standard system.

Despite her academic talents, Stephanie attended a normal school where she benefited from a mixed peer group and tailored teaching. She entered university at fourteen years of age and her first degree was double honours in mathematics and history (with a particular interest in medieval history). Doctorates in astrophysics and history followed before she went to medical school in London at seventeen.

Stephanie was the first person to join Cosfor via the targeted recruitment programme, which was specifically created for the Normandy Project. She joined the crew of the Agincourt in December 2294, initially at the rank of lieutenant.