Extoranian Enclave


The Extoranian Enclave is a single system federation which contains only one habitable planet, Extoran. The enclave is located within the Terran Commonwealth, between Earth and the Terran Independent Alliance.

The Extoranians are a humanoid species. Their main physical distinction from humanoids is their heavy supraorbital ridges and the split nasal bridge which merges with the medial aspect of each ridge. Extoranian eyes are invariably brown.

The facial structure of Extoranians frequently imparts a morose expression, one that is usually a mirror of the demeanour of Extoranians.


The precise date of the event known on Extoran as the Ivirik is uncertain but it is generally considered to be towards the end of the Twenty-Eighth Century BC on Earth. Before humans had built the pyramids the Extoranians had developed t-space travel and established two colonies on Ipola Prime, one of the nearest star systems to Extoran.

The political disposition on Extoran was into two blocs, each composed of multiple nations. Each bloc possessed a colony on Ipola Prime.

A crisis on Ipola Prime evolved into a blockade of one colony by the opposing bloc. Surviving documents of the events which occurred during the blockade are minimal and do not explain how the incident escalated to conflict, or how this precipitated nuclear war on Extoran but it is believed that this was the sequence of events which enveloped Extoran in a nuclear holocaust. This nuclear conflagration is known as Ivirik.


Irikolaw encompasses the history of Extoran since the nuclear war. The conflagration annihilated all population centres and the few surviving Extoranians were cast into a second stone age. Most historical records and the accummulated knowledge of their civilisation were destroyed and the Extoranians were forced to rediscover and reinvent their technology.

The official translation of Irikolaw into English is 'rehistory' but in most instances when reference to the period is required the Extoranian word is retained.

Present Day

The weight of the destruction they had wrought upon themselves bore heavily on the Extoranians during the slow rebuilding of their civilisation. Faced with the struggle to prevail on a ravaged planet the Extoranians became obsessed with the survival of their species. Intolerance of dissenting voices became engrained in the political system and in Extoranian culture and dictatorships became the norm for the fledging nations which emerged over the thousands of years.

Ultimately, a single planet-wide dictatorship arose. The rediscovery of rudimentary t-space travel under this government brought with it the realisation that Extoran had been left behind in the journey to the stars and was technologically adrift from its neighbours in space. This exacerbated the sombre and bitter Extoranian temperament.

Currently the Extoranians manifest minimal interest in the affairs of the Commonwealth and the other t-space-capable federations. Perfunctory diplomatic and trade agreements exist; space lanes are available to the Extoranians within the Commonwealth.