Cosfor - An Overview

Cosfor is the name by which the military spacefleet of the Terran Commonwealth is known. The name is a contraction of the full designation of Cosmos Force but this official title is encountered only in formal documents and ceremonies.

Although recognised as having a role in scientic research and in exploration, Cosfor is primarily concerned with defence of the Commonwealth and acting as a police force for interstellar space outside the jurisdiction of specific star systems.

Many of the scientific and exploratory roles which were intended for Cosfor have been transferred to the ScienceFleet. The latter is a civilian organisation administered by the Commonwealth government but close co-operation exists between Cosfor and the ScienceFleet and many officers in Cosfor are seconded at some stage in their careers to a ScienceFleet vessel.

Soldiers in Cosfor are trained in ground-based warfare as well as in the skills necessary to man a warship and engage in space combat. However, the Commonwealth nevertheless maintains a separate army which specialises in ground combat.

The Cosfor Insignia

Cosfor emblem designed by Sarah Lee